What To Expect In a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

The question about what to expect during the course of a vaginal mesh lawsuit is a common one that the Drug Injury Legal Group has answered many times.  The first thing that will happen is a thorough intake will be done by one of our specialists.  This thorough intake will allow us to obtain the facts that will let us make a determination as to whether you have a chance to receive compensation from your vaginal mesh lawsuit.  Assuming that we make a lawyer in the officedetermination that your potential transvaginal mesh lawsuit has merit, we will send you a representation agreement that spells out the terms of our contract with you including the fact that we front all of the expenses in prosecuting your case and you will owe us nothing unless a recovery is achieved in your vaginal mesh lawsuit for damages for the transvaginal mesh injuries that you suffered.

What happens after I choose the Drug Injury Legal Group to represent me?

After you decide to go with the Drug Injury Legal Group and you return the signed representation agreement to us, we will then proceed in gathering the relevant evidence in your specific case.  The relevant evidence in your case that will allow us to file a vaginal mesh lawsuit on your behalf is generally the medical records surrounding your transvaginal mesh implantation surgery as well as the records that detail the course of treatment you received once your vaginal mesh injuries began to occur.

Will you file a vaginal mesh lawsuit on my behalf?

After we have determined that there is evidence to support the allegations that you suffered a vaginal mesh injury that is equivalent to the injuries that you detailed during the intake process, it is most likely that we will file a vaginal mesh lawsuit on your behalf.  The initial pleading that we will file in court to begin your transvaginal mesh lawsuit is typically called a complaint.  One of the lawyers with the Drug Injury Legal Group will draft the complaint with the case specific facts in your situation and we will then send the complaint for you to review.  After your vaginal mesh lawsuit has been filed, the litigation in your case will begin and you will be kept apprised of any progress in resolving your vaginal mesh lawsuit.

If you or anyone you know has suffered a transvaginal mesh injury and would like to discuss a vaginal mesh lawsuit with one of the experienced lawyers at the Drug Injury Legal Group, contact us immediately by toll free call or by filling out our free online case evaluation form.

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