FDA Warning Against Power Morcellators

The FDA issued a safety communication in April warning against the use of morcellators during
hysterectomies and fibroid removal. The FDA morcellator warning outlined what a morcellator is, how it was being used, and why it is dangerous. As a result of the FDA warning, morcellator manufacturers decided to stop marketing and manufacturing the medical device. However, many of these manufacturers knew of the risk and sold the morcellators without warning the medical community. Morcellator lawyers at Drug Injury Legal Group are accepting morcellator victims and investigating potential morcellation lawsuit claims. 

FDA Morcellator Warning

The FDA warned that women with undetected uterine sarcoma are at risk of having cancerous tissues spread within the abdomen and pelvis when a morcellator is used during surgery. As a result, the chance of survival is significantly weakened. The FDA noted that there is no reliable method for detecting when a woman has undetected uterine sarcoma, so it is unsafe to use morcellators during uterine surgery.  You can read the entire FDA warning read.

Morcellator Recall

Johnson & Johnson knew of the risks associated with power morcellators and did not warn the medical community. Instead, they marketed and sold morcellators for years. Many women and families have been seriously affected and injured because of this.  After the FDA issued their warning against power morcellators, Johnson & Johnson decided to stop marketing and selling power morcellators.  It’s time to hold Johnson & Johnson accountable for putting profit ahead of consumer safety for all those years. You owe it to yourself and your family to fight back.

The Morcelaltor lawyers at Drug Injury Legal Group are investigating morcellation lawsuit claims against Johnson & Johnson. If you or a loved one was a victim of cancer spreading after the use of a morcellator during uterine surgery, call us today at 1-855-571-DRUG or email us using our online form. The consultation is FREE of charge and you are under no obligation to hire us to represent your interests in a morcellator lawsuit.



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