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Zofran has caused many drug injuries to both pregnant women and their unborn children. Some of these have been quite severe. The Zofran birth defects that have occurred include congenital heart defects, such as irregular heart rhythm, and cleft lip and cleft Birth Defect Lawsuitspalate. The medication also has been found to cause a higher risk of heart issues in the women who took the drug for their morning sickness. Zofran was not FDA approved for use by pregnant women.  Zofran was not tested to determine its safety for pregnant women and their children, and it was marketed off-label by the manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline. Since patients were not aware of the very serious dangers associated with taking this prescription drug for morning sickness, Zofran manufacturer should be held responsible for their actions in pushing doctors to prescribe it to the women.

What is Zofran?

Zofran is a drug that was originally created to help chemotherapy patients treat nausea and vomiting. It works by blocking serotonin and serotonin receptors that are found in the brain and gut, preventing nerve messages being sent to the nausea and vomiting centers. Zofran was not created to help pregnant women with morning sickness. However, GlaxoSmithKline started marketing Zofran to pregnant women, saying it could help with their morning sickness. They even gave kickbacks and encouraged doctors to prescribe it to pregnant women, even though it had not tested Zofran for side effects with pregnant women or received approval by the FDA for that use.

Current Zofran Lawsuit Settlements

Zofran Manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, plead guilty to fraud and illegal marketing of the product.  Zofran manufacturer even gave kickbacks to doctors to encourage them to prescribe it to women. They paid $3 billion after an order by the Justice Department, however this settlement was not for specific injuries suffered by pregnant women or their children. The settlement only applies to Zofran fraud and illegal marketing.

Our Zofran lawyers are currently accepting clients across the country who suffered injuries. It is time to make Zofran pay for their deliberate fraud and resulting injuries to you and your child. If you or someone you love have been on Zofran and were harmed in any way, or your child has had birth defects, you will want to contact us here at the Drug Injury Legal Group immediately.

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Zofran Side Effects

There is a long list of side effects that are known, as well as potential side effects that are related to taking the prescription drug Zofran. If you have experienced any of these or your child was born with any of these defects or issues, you will want to take legal action. Side effects include, but are not exclusive to, the following:

  • Congenital heart defects
  • Fetal growth restriction
  • Jaundice
  • Cleft palate
  • Cleft lip
  • Kidney issues
  • Complications with pregnancy
  • Birth defects

There have been extensive studies done with the last several years that have shown that Zofran crosses the placenta and can harm the child. Research that was conducted in Denmark showed that the risk of heart-related birth defects doubled when the mother took Zofran. Results of those studies also indicated that there is a 30 percent increase in birth defects in general from Zofran. These statistics are high and point to great negligence on the part of the manufacturer for the fact that they did not do adequate testing before marketing Zofran to pregnant women.

The fact that many children have suffered injuries due to exposure to Zofran while in the womb is extremely serious when it comes to the law. GlaxoSmithKline has admitted their part and taken responsibility, by offering settlement money that is already in an account for people who come forward with evidence of their Zofran injuries. Lawyers in all 50 states are hearing cases and helping people to get the justice that they deserve.


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The Zofran Lawyers at Drug Injury Legal Group are investigating injury claims across the country and accepting new clients. It is time to make Zofran pay for their fraud, illegal marketing, and the serious consequences women and their children faced.

Speak to Attorneys About Zofran Lawsuits

If you and/or your child has been affected by Zofran in any of the ways listed above, and you Newborn baby boy covered in vertix inside incubatorhave seen a doctor for these defects, you stand a good chance at being eligible for compensation. You need to take quick action because of the statutes of limitation on medical injuries. This is an important step to getting justice for what has happened to you. High medical bills, loss of the ability to function on a daily basis and other negative consequences of taking Zofran are the major things that the Drug Injury Legal Group is looking for with potential cases.

Although seeking legal assistance can seem daunting even without dealing with medical issues and extreme stress, it will be beneficial to you and your family to get money to help with bills and for you and/or your child’s injuries. Medical costs are incredibly high, and we are sympathetic to what you are going through. You’ll be relieved to be able to get your life back on track after you are compensated.


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Filing a lawsuit can seem complicated, and it is something that most people would rather not have to go through at all. However, the Drug Injury Legal Group has been handling drug and medical injury cases for many years. We have a high rate of success, and we are compassionate and professional when it comes to our clients. You do not need to worry about the little things with your case. We will take care of everything – the only thing you need to do is answer some questions and provide us with documentation.

If you are interested in filing a claim with us, you can call us to get more information first by calling us at 1-855-571-3784. If you would prefer, you can fill out our online form to have us get back to you. We offer free consultations, for which there will be no further obligation to speak with us if you decide not to go forward with your case. Contact us for to begin the process of getting justice today.


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