Power Morcellation Has Serious Risks

Power morcellators can spread cancer! But how?

Power morcellation has allowed surgeons to remove large tumors through small incisions.  The benefits to the patient are faster healing, faster postoperative recovery, and more rapid return to full lifestyle. The procedure uses the morcellator device to break the uterine tissue into tiny pieces so it can be removed through a small incision in the patient’s abdomen leaving no scaring and quick recovery time.  However, some tissues can be left behind in the abdominal cavity. If there were unknown cancerous tissues that get broken up and left behind, they can spread through a woman’s body. Our lawyers are investigating morcellator lawsuits throughout the country for women who had a hysterectomy or fibroid removal and then were diagnosed with cancer.

What causes the risk?

The issue that some women have undetected cancerous cells in their uterus. One in 350 women have undetected cancerous cells that a morcellator can break down and leave behind in the body. These cancerous tissues can then spread and advance in the body.  The FDA issued a warning stating that morcellators should not be used because of this very serious risk. Johnson & Johnson then recalled their morcellators.

Are there other risks?

In addition to the risk of spreading cancer, morcellators have also been found to cause other complications. A review of the Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE) found at least 55 complications, including six deaths, attributed to the devices.

Women who underwent morcellation were not warned about the risk before their procedures and are now faced with health issues, including cancer.

If someone you know or care about has had a Power Morcellation procedure they could be at serious risk.  They can contact our office for a FREE Case Evaluation today. Contact us by calling 855-571-DRUG or sending us an email.


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