Spreading Cancer with Use of Morcellator

Going in for uterine surgery is scary enough, but when you can unknowingly have cancer spread as a result, it becomes terrifying. Many women have been left with debilitating forms of cancer after the user of power morcellators during hysterectomy surgery or fibroid removal, a risk they were not aware of or warned about. There are morcellator lawsuits being filed across the country against morcellator manufacturers for hiding the risks associated with the medical devices use. The attorneys at Drug Injury Legal Group are accepting clients and investigating claims.

What is a Morcellator?

A morcellator is a medical tool that is used during uterine surgeries to cut tissue into tiny pieces. These tissues are then sucked out of the body through laparoscopic ports. Morcellators are intended to make surgery less invasive because all you need are small incisions, as opposed to invasive surgery. However, when the morcellator cuts the tissue, it can also cut up undetected
cancerous tissues and leave them behind in the body. These cancer tissues then spread through the abdominal cavity and attach themselves to other organs or tissues.

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