Stryker Hip Recall Settlement Program 

When there is a recalled drug or medical device, it is common for litigation to begin immediately.  Once attorneys can show that the manufacturer is liable to victims, then typically a Reimbursement Programs is created and negotiated. Stryker has already recalled two hips: Stryker Rejuvinate Modular hip Stem and the Stryker ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stem.  Stryker just announced a Stryker Reimbursement Program that was negotiated and completed in November 2014 to establish a standard award for a Stryker Hip Recall Lawsuit.

Types of Stryker Hip Implant Settlements

Stryker has set aside more than $1.4 billion to settle thousands of Stryker hip recall lawsuit claims.  The amount each individual is awarded depends on the facts of their case.  However, a base award of $300,000 per victim is the standard. The amount you get goes up or down depending on your circumstances.  For example, if you had to undergo more than one revision surgery because of a failed Stryker implant, you might be entitled to more than $300,000.

The lawyers with the Drug Injury Legal Group have many years of experience settling cases such as Stryker hip implant. We will aggressively pursue a settlement award on your behalf that is fair and just.

Do I Qualify for Reimbursement for My Stryker Hip Implant?

When evaluating a case for determination as to whether you would qualify for  reimbursement for your Stryker hip implant, the lawyers with the Drug Injury Legal Group look at a number of factors:

  1. Do you actually have a Stryker hip implant?
  2. Do you have an injury?
  3. Has the Statute of Limitations run on your potential hip recall lawsuit?

When looking at hip implant injuries, we are typically looking for a Stryker hip implant failure that required you to have revision hip surgery or that you were diagnosed with metallosis.  Metallosis is metal poisoning due to friction created by the metal on metal device that you were implanted with.

How Much Can I Expect for my Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit

The base award in a Stryker hip lawsuit is $300,000. However, your exact award will depend on your circumstances. The base award is adjusted up or down based on your facts and injuries.  The exact figure that Stryker would pay to settle a hip recall lawsuit is a moving target.  There are damages for pain and suffering as well as for past and future medical bills.

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If you or anyone you know has been harmed by one of the recalled Stryker hip implants and would like a free case evaluation from an experienced Stryker hip lawyer, please contact the Drug Injury Legal Group today.  We can let you know for free whether we believe you have a case.

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