Why is Talcum Powder Harmful?

talc powder lawsuitsTalc used to contain asbestos, a cancer-causing agent.  Asbestos is a natural mineral fiber found in certain rock formations and soils. It was mined extensively in the 20th century and used in a variety of consumer products throughout the years. It is generally accepted that talc with asbestos can cause various forms of cancer.

However, most consumer grade talc powder does not contain asbestos anymore. Does this mean there is no risk? No! Many studies show that asbestos-free talc still poses a risk for women who use it as part of their hygiene routine. Talc can still be carcinogenic. Studies have shown that talcum powder without asbestos still is associated with a 20-30% increase in developing ovarian cancer.

How long have people known of it’s risk?

Since as early as the 1970’s study after medical study have shown a link between talcum powder and Ovarian Cancer.  Medical experts and researchers have shown and proved that minute particles like those found in talcum powder could actually travel via the vagina and up into the fallopian tubes, after which they became embedded in the ovarian tissues. Once there, the particles were capable of triggering abnormal growth of cells that led to ovarian cancer.

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